Complex geometries

The new technological and IT frontiers in the field of Computer Aided Design (CAD) have radically changed the way of design today.  At the same time, the most advanced technologies let the designer explore the field of complex architectural geometries. Materials do the rest.

IDeCOM proposes itself as a design partner for structures of any shape, made through every technique and material.

(Didascalia Immagine: Architectural project: Arch. Livio Dell’Oro)

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Architectural project: Arch. Livio Dell’Oro

Existing buildings

We work with customers and construction companies to provide high value projects in the residential and commercial sector.

We are specialists in seismic vulnerability analysis, safety assessments of reinforced concrete, steel, prefabricated and masonry structures, and refurbishment.

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Industrial plants

We operate in the design of structures for power, refineries, gas, chemical and pharmaceutical plants.

Our experience ranges from the engineering of shore-based plants, both newly built and existing, to offshore plants and port works.

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Fiber-reinforced concretes

We offer design and construction services for structural fiber-reinforced concretes projects, in partial or complete replacement of traditional reinforcements.

The use of these materials finds applications in industrial flooring, prefabrication and retrofitting, areas on which we are highly specialized.

We also provide services to producers and companies who want to obtain the Certificate of Technical Evaluation (CVT) provided by the Central Technical Service of the CSLLPP for the structural use of fiber-reinforced mixtures.

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