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Dassault Systèmes offers PLM software solutions that are proven by years of leadership in various industries, such as aerospace and automotive, from which ad hoc solutions for the construction sector have been derived.

In the BIM field, the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform™ provided by Dassault Systèmes on the cloud is the tool that allows you to reach BIM Level III. In addition to multidisciplinary modeling and attribute management, 3DEXPERIENCE Platform™ by Dassault Systèmes introduce a collaboration model based on data management in a PLM context, rather than on the management and exchange of files.

3DEXPERIENCE Platform™ Cloud by Dassault Systèmes

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform™ by Dassault Systèmes in its cloud extension, is a collaborative design platform scalable to all company sizes that allows you to coordinate and manage small and large project teams.

Thanks to a very large portfolio of applications, the platform is able to cover every technical need without ever leaving the  main modeling  environment.

The efficient infrastructure offered by Dassault Systèmes makes it a powerful, ready-to-use tool that can be easily deployed on the most common commercial hardware devices.

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BIM design of buildings

The platform provides embedded applications able to represent every detail down to the smallest detail, thanks to the possibility of creating parametric and computerized 3D BIM models, allowing you to follow the entire project workflow with continuity and flexibility from concept to implementation.

It is a solution that in addition to modeling, incorporates Project & Document management tools, FEA and CFD  simulation and  digitalization of the production process, all in a single highly integrated environment optimized for collaboration.

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Infrastructure BIM Design

With the tools of 3DEXPERIENCE Platform™ by Dassault Systèmes we are able to manage the design of  large scale infrastructure works accelerating the design phase, especially in cases where a series of repetitive operations is required and where there is a high level of standardization.

In fact, the combined use of automation rules (procedures written using the EKL programming language) and templates allows the capitalization of the company’s know-how making it adaptively reusable in every project.

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Architectural project: Arch. Livio Dell’Oro

4D Simulation

Within the platform it is possible to integrate and coordinate your team with planning applications to accurately manage project tasks, identify critical issues, risks or delays, ensuring the correct circulation of information.

The management of projects, resources, time and costs are fundamental to current business models. The basic licenses of 3DExperience Platform™ by Dassault Systèmes guarantee each project manager to always have the situation under control thanks to customizable dashboards with project management, document management, design review and collaboration applications with which it is possible to follow the evolution of each project from the initial phases to the realization, for a correct and coordinated management of all activities.

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Having a virtual twin of your building, plant, infrastructure, which is not only compliant with BIM standards, but which is also totally interconnected with the most modern IoT technologies, allows a scheduled management of maintenance and real-time evaluation of the performance of the works in operating conditions.

Controlling and tracing the problems that arise daily on the construction site or in the plant is of vital importance for clients and managers, with the “issue management” applications of 3DEXPERIENCE Platform™ by Dasault Systèmes, which can be consulted from any smart device and interconnected with the virtual twin, management is simpler and more fluid.

The ability to manage complex and large-scale assemblies, such as petrochemical plants and road tracks, directly online on web applications is immediate and intuitive with Dassault Systèmes solutions.

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Having a complete model of dimensional information allows us to quickly extract detailed quantitative reports that can be easily reworked to obtain estimative and final metric calculations, with the possibility of verifying at any time the differences between estimate and real costs.

This allows us to always have under control the technical and economic situation of our works from the concept phase to the construction site.

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Simulation of construction processes

Digitizing all the operations of a construction site, as well as of a production line in the manufacture, working on virtual models instead of physical allows to make all production cycles more efficient, abandoning the traditional heuristic method for trial & error, an activity that unnecessarily consumes time, resources and raw materials, in total contrast to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are the basis of the United Nations sustainability agenda.

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From the geometry we move on to the simulation performed on the same CAD data without ever leaving the platform, there is no need to export a file, but we collaborate on a single data.

It is therefore possible to perform thermal, structural, fluid dynamic and other simulations, thanks to the powerful finite element solvers derived from Abaqus.

The model is analyzed, developed and optimized in a cyclical process until the excellent is reached that guarantees performance compliance with the standards, while ensuring the simplification of the construction site of the finished product.

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