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Guided procedure for the Design of a complex curtain wall

Designing curtain walls means finding the right combination of aesthetics and functionality, trying to satisfy the technical requirements, the taste of architects and clients.
In all this, projects become more and more complex, not simple geometries and shapes require suitable and cutting-edge tools, this leads the design teams to equip themselves with a constellation of vertical and disaggregated tools.
It is therefore necessary to integrate and coordinate not only different disciplines but also different softwares, guaranteeing digital continuity in collaboration throughout the supply chain, from the initial phase to the delivery of the project.

Sign up for events dedicated to Façades Design with 3D EXPERIENCE Platform TM by Dassault Systèmes, we will go through all the phases of design from concept to implementation using intuitive algorithmic modeling tools with BIM methodology. Scenario that we will deepen, not only from the modeling point of view but more generally on all aspects of data life cycle management, coding, creation of bills materials, integration with ERP systems and much more.

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